Flood Safety

Concerns of Home Safety with Flooding The Kentucky Department for Public Health issues these safety guidelines for after floods. Tetanus: • Avoid contact with flood waters. Flood waters are unclean and can be a risk for tetanus for those who have open wounds that come into direct contact with them. Contact your regular health care provider or your local health department if you believe you may need a tetanus shot. Mold Cleanup: • Mold may be present in homes that were flooded. An air conditioner or dehumidifier may be used to lower the level of humidity to prevent mold growth.  Use exhaust fans when showering and cooking. • When cleaning up small areas affected by mold, make … Read More...

Reportable Diseases

The health department treats and educates these diseases to prevent future instances.

Report an Event

Open a case for the health department to investigate.

Food Prep Training

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Food Scores

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