(Health Access
Development Service)

Who is Eligible?

HANDS target first time parents, from the prenatal period to approximately three months after delivery. The programs’ goal is to assist with child development, parenting skills, health services and other needed resources.

When Should You Enter The Program?

You are encouraged to start the program as soon as you know you are pregnant until three months after your child’s birth.

Why Participate?

Parents are the most important and influential people in a baby’s life. They are the most important teachers a child will ever have. Parenting can be very demanding under the best circumstances and all new parents have concerns and questions. Through HANDS new parents are teamed with a qualified home visitor. This visitor is available to answer any questions.

How Does The HANDS Program Work?

In the prenatal period, or the first three months of life, the family is screened after a referral is made. This referral can be made by the doctor’s office, the health department, and your church, friends and family. A trained home visitor will visit your home to introduce parenting skill development in areas such as: recognizing your baby’s needs, what to expect as your baby grows, making your home safe, etc. The frequency of visits will be determined by the family needs. 

What Are The Main Goals of HANDS?

  • Positive pregnancy outcomes
  • Optimal child growth and development
  • Children live in healthy, safe homes
  • Families make decisions that enhance long term independence over meeting short term or immediate needs

HANDS believes: All families have strengths. Families are responsible for their children. Families are the primary decision makers for their children. Prevention and early intervention improve the community's well being.

HANDS is a program of the Governor's Early Childhood Institute,
Kids Now, funded by Kentucky's Phase I Tobacco dollars. For more information on HANDS visit the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services web site.
For More Information

For further information or to refer someone for the HANDS program, please call  Tel: 270-769-1601. Visit the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website to learn more about the HANDS Program.


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